Thurgood’s Strategic Vision

Thurgood Brooks is a community builder and organizer who believes deeply in the power of Rock

Island’s citizens to create positive change. He has spent his career advocating for youth, small

businesses, and development in the city. Most recently, he has led a multi-racial coalition of concerned

citizens fighting for racial justice and accountability through “The Resolution.” Through his work as a

Family Advocate at the Martin Luther King Center, football coach at Rock Island High School/QC

Steam wheelers and founder of a community driven organization Tut Cities Educational and

Entertainment - Thurgood has been able to work with community partners, bring people together,

and most importantly, not speak on behalf of communities -- rather collaborating with them. This

desire is what is motivating Thurgood’s run for mayor. It’s time for a truly collaborative citywide

effort to build Rock Island together.

The What: Building a better Rock Island requires innovative leadership focused on policies that drive

our city forward. Thurgood’s strategic plan centers on investing in our community members,

attracting small business, and standing out as a vibrant, safe and inclusive city. In order to enrich the

lives of our community members, keep them engaged in Rock Island throughout their lives, and

attract people back to our community, Rock Island must be strategic to become better. Thurgood

Brooks has the vision and will take the action to move Rock Island forward.




Thurgood’s Strategic Vision to Build ---

A Clean & Green Economy, Healthy and Stable Communities, Attractive and Affordable Housing

Together, we will build a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant Rock Island.

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